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Cuba Welcome is a good U.K.- based operator with a knowledgeable and dependable operation on the ground in Cuba (Frommers guide website)

"We did our research before choosing CubaWelcome to plan our trip. Our greatest fear was being stuck on a tour bus or being ferried around from one cookie-cutter experience to the next set up just to make tourists happy. We wanted something special and Mike delivered. He listened and set up a trip that was individualized just for us. We met with local musicians and artists, ate delicious local cuisine and learned about Cuba's rich history. We left knowing that we had enriched our lives with an experience that we will always remember."
Justine and Patrick, Orlando, FL

"Had an absolute fantastic time and thought Fernando was a professional and informative tour guide. He is such a lovely man, professional, passionate about Cuba and well informed. We both learnt so much from our time spent with Fernando. He was amazing ! Kind regards, Sue"
Sue Hughes (Couple from Australia)

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"What does a fishing paradise consist of....well, every fisherman always dreams of prolific fishing and catching a large fish from time to time..."

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"After two weeks of incredibly hot weather, finally there is a breeze floating off the sea. It is pleasant to take a breath again and not have to resort to drinking ice cold water all the time..."

Cuba resembles a Hollywood film set with a melange of architecture - Colonial to Moorish, Baroque to Art Deco. Its capital, Havana, straddles a splendid bay, caressing the Tropic of Cancer, casting a median between North and South America, the gateway to the New World.

Chevvies, Cadillacs, Dodges, Fords and Packards trundle along Havana's boulevards and traverse the island's impressive, almost deserted, highways – 800 kms to the east, a land with up to 6000 feet high mountains interspersed with verdant valleys.

Cuba is to explore with time and patience. Ideally a Cuba holiday requires 10 days to view the western and central parts, including the capital, Havana, Vinales to the west with its unique landscapers redolent of Vietnam and its famous cigar plantations and Trinidad to the south, a colonial gem town built on the wealth of sugar cane planters, plundered by English and French pirates during the 17th and 18th centuries.