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LATEST NEWS! You probably didnt read it first here but US citizens no longer need to travel as part of a group to legally visit Cuba. You still need to choose a license that covers twelve different areas of interest which include People to People, Humanitarian, Educational, Religion, Sports etc. Cubawelcome can organise your whole trip including charter flight from the USA (soon there will be scheduled flights) to Havana or other cities in Cuba, visas, accommodation and meals, transport and English speaking guides. Most of the tours in this website can be applied for US travel. Please contact us for further details.

us art tour

US Art Tour.

US visit to Cuba - Art itinerary – 7 days (suggestion).

us eco tour

Cuba Eco tour 8 days.

See all the important sights, we will show you places you wouldn't find on your own.

us 7 days tour

US 7 day tour west and central Cuba.

This tour gives more than a glimpse of the Cuban way of life.

us 7 days tour

Art and culture tour US

Art and culture tour US, guided tour of old Havana to see the important sights.

food tour

Discovering Cuban food and cocktails

We have a cooking class to learn how to make a traditional Cuban meal.

us 7 days tour

Information for US travelers.

Advice for US travelers wishing to travel legally to Cuba.