ASTA is urging President-Elect Donald Trump's administration to retain recently-enacted regulations that have eased American travel to Cuba.

In a letter to Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, ASTA President Zane Kerby wrote: "We view the Administration's [President Obama's administration] recent actions on Cuba travel as a step in the right direction and support lifting the statutory 'travel ban' once and for all. Lifting the ban will also bring follow-on economic benefits to Cuba's neighbors and the travel industry that serves them by sparking demand for new air and sea passenger routes, tour operations, and travel agent services." ASTA's position contrasts with President-Elect Trump's ambivalence on Cuba at best, and his outright opposition at worst. Early in the campaign, Trump seemed to be saying he was not opposed to opening up Cuba but in mid-October, he tweeted: "The people of Cuba have struggled too long. . . . Will reverse Obama's Executive Orders and concessions towards Cuba until freedoms are restored." The Obama Administration in January 2015 took several actions following the President's Executive Order to ease relations with Cuba. This led to loosening long-standing restrictions on trade between the U.S. and Cuba, including those that have barred American.